How to Create a Simply Amazing Guest Bedroom

It’s always nice to have visitors. Whether it’s family, or just great friends, you always want their stay to be wonderful.  What better way to make this happen, than having an irresistibly comfortable guest room for them to stay in?  Just be careful, they may love it so much they won’t want to leave!W

Have you ever been to those hotels where the rooms were so over the top that you didn’t want to leave?  Your own personal coffee bar right there!  I don’t just mean a Keurig some coffee and a sugar packet.  No, I mean one that has several different kinds of coffee and tea with a real coffee cup to drink out of.  Cane sugar and all those fancy little creamers in different flavors. Now that makes for a great cup of coffee. 

The pillows are fluffy, the sheets are silky smooth, the towels are freshly folded and positioned next to a myriad of all the toiletries you could ever want or need.   

Wouldn’t you like your guests to feel that special?  Like they are staying in a five-star hotel?  Except even better, their room is free and they get to enjoy your great company!  

You absolutely can create this oasis for your special guests! Let’s get started!


De-clutter your future oasis- (get rid of the junk )

Let’s face it, we all have clutter.  To achieve a spectacular end result, we must first start with a clean slate.

Get rid of the stuff you don’t need.  Be aggressive.  Pack it up, move it to a nearby closet, under the bed in another room,  or better yet, take it to The Good Neighbor Shoppe.  They are great people and will love the donation! They will even pick it up!  865 988 9925

Spring Cleaning in January        

Not to worry, just this one room.  The rest can wait till spring.  To get that wonderful feel we need to start with a freshly cleaned room.  Just a few helpful tips:

  • Take down curtains, wash and rehang them.  Make sure to use scented dryer sheets or a fabric softener to get that clean fresh smell
  • Dust blinds, wipe windows, sills, and don’t forget the ceiling fan
  • Dust picture frames, baseboards, and all furniture
  • Vacuum thoroughly

Do We Need a Fresh Coat of Paint? Or a New Color?

Depending on how far you want to go with your room make over, you may want a fresh coat of paint or a new inspiring color.  Paint is one of the easiest ways to completely change the look and feel of your room.  For just a few hundred dollars if you have a professional do it, or less for the do it yourselfer.  It’s not that expensive though, put your time into getting ready for your guests and leave the painting to the professionals. They will be in and out lickity split! If you need a professional company that will show up and won’t charge you an arm and a leg, here you go. 865 986 6767.   What color do we want? That all depends on the room you want to create. The sky is the limit with color. Below are some color ideas that may help. Don’t forget the 2019 Colors of the Year though. They are truly beautiful. You can find these on our blog too.  Below are a few styles you may like.  

  • Bold &
  • Shabby Chic
  • Clean &
  • Fun &
  • Simply Elegant

It’s All About the Bed

Is your mattress comfy? This is the most important part of the room.  It truly is all about the bed.  There is nothing more refreshing than a great night’s sleep. Before your guests come, experiment a little.  Sleep in your guest bedroom one night. You be the judge.   Is the bed comfortable?  Or do you wake up feeling like you slept on a bed of rocks?  If your bed isn’t comfortable and you can fit it in the budget get a new one.  If it’s not in the budget, get a really comfortable mattress pad.  You would be surprised what a difference this will make.  You can pick up a good one for about a hundred bucks at Bed Bath & Beyond, or Walmart even has some decent ones. 

  • White for Linens
  • All white down,
    or down alternative bed linens will give your guests the feel that they are being
    nestled into a big white fluffy cloud. 
    Make sure you have plenty of pillows available too. A mixture of soft
    and firm just in case your guest has a preference.
  • Sheets Make a HUGE difference   

Climate Control

Not everyone is comfortable at the same temperature.  To ensure your guests are cozy and comfortable, store some extra blankets and a small electric fan in a nearby closet. This will keep them warm or cool whatever their preference.

Create a Catchall

No matter how neat your
guests are, everyone needs a place to empty their pockets at the end of the
day. A small basket or pretty colored bowl will create the perfect landing spot
for a wallet, spare change and keys.

Room To Wander

Having guests is great, but even your closest loved ones may want just a little time to explore on their own. Make sure you leave them a list of some interesting things to see and do locally.  Nearby parks, restaurants, shops, and cafes are great ideas, just steer them towards the good stuff.

Details Really Do Matter

Let them know you miss the
good times you had together.  Place your
favorite picture of you enjoying good times past with them in a pretty frame near
the bedside. It will make for great laughs and conversation around the dinner
table later.   If you know any of their
favorite games stack them on a nearby shelf along with a few of their favorite
books. Maybe even add their favorite themed adult coloring book and markers. Your
attention to detail in remembering what they like will make them know how
special they are to you.

Everyone Loves Popcorn & A Movie

Make a list of your favorite DVD’s and if you have a Netflix account, jot down your password to let them know they are free to use it. Make sure the remote is nearby with new batteries. This is for their room, but it would also be a lot of fun if you designated one night for a “Movie Night” and binged on old movies from your fun times! Just looking at the hairstyles and clothes and remembering how you must have looked will make for great laughs.  During the holidays, me and my cousins were talking about old times and remembered when we were at the skating rink in the 80’s in our bright red parachute pants with the zippers.  I was actually the brunt of the conversation hysteria as my cousin explained how while I was skating and thinking I was looking so cool, I bent down for one of the newest skating moves, and my pants didn’t bend as well as I did.  The whole back ripped out and let’s just say I had instant air conditioning! Not my shining moment, but it did make for a great laugh then and over Thanksgiving almost 25 years later.   Don’t forget to stock up on some microwave popcorn, hot chocolate, and maybe even some smores for the best movie night ever!

Say It With Flowers

Fresh flowers bring an elegance
to any room. If you know their favorite color, add flowers in this color it
would be a nice touch. Don’t let creating an arrangement be a chore. Pick up a
few bunches at the grocery store or local florist, snip the ends then plop them
in a vase. The flowers are beautiful enough to make a statement without all the

Forget Your Robe & Slippers? No Worries.

Use a deep basket to stash
guest towels, a robe and a pair of cozy slippers. Place it visibly in the room
so guests have everything they need to freshen up on arrival.

Dress the Windows

Add blinds, roller shades or
ready-made draperies to any windows that aren’t covered. A guest in your home
is on vacation and will appreciate a cozy room so they can sleep in if they

Let Them Help Themselves

Five-star hotels get their
reputation for a reason. They know how to put on the ritz.   Follow in their footsteps.  Make your own coffee cart.  Stock it with mugs, a teapot and small
packets of coffee and tea so guests can help themselves to a warm cup whenever
they’d like. If you have a small Keurig, that’s even better.  Either way, leave them with several different
choices of teas, coffees, sugar, & creamers.  Some fresh fruit, and a few different small
packaged snacks is a great idea. Don’t forget the water. Whether Perrier or
spring water is the favorite, have some available to quench their thirst.  See our blog post Create the Perfect Guest
Cart for more info.

This is by no means a
complete list of all you can do to create your own 5 star resort room, but it
is a good start.  Your creative ideas are
sure to make a huge statement, and you will be so proud of your new oasis.  You may even want to stay in it yourself from
time to time.

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