Don’t Be A Slave to Your Floors Interview Them. They Need to Work For You, Not You Work For Them




Like it or not, everywhere you go in your home you will find your floors. Sounds silly but think about it. A large majority of people are not quite impressed with their floors. You are the people this article is for! The people that look at their floors and think what the heck was I thinking when I picked this out. Or others that inherited the floors when they bought their new house, and didn’t change them because they were OK, and “would do until we get moved in.”



Three years later,

the same floors are staring you in the face. Yikes!!! Anyone still have that old vinyl in the kitchen that just screams “I was popular at the same time the Bee Gees were. I actually love the Bee Gees. Their music is classic. The vinyl, not so much.

Carpet that has those dark black spots in your hallway that no matter how many times you clean them go away for a day and then come back with a vengeance.



Or do you suffer from a carpet that looks like a wave because that little wrinkle in it a year ago has now worked its way into a huge lump. Now they are all over your room.



Let’s not forget the white grout in the bathroom. Well, let’s be honest… it was white at one time. Now it is a cross between grey brown and green with highlights of white where you scrubbed it with a toothbrush on an energetic day trying to clean it, and after one hour, and 4 tiles of grout later you give up.

These are all real problems. They are problems that can be easily fixed with the right flooring solution. Not to worry, by interviewing your flooring, you can find the right one. I know, that sounds a little crazy, but if you were hiring someone for a very important part on your staff that was going to be with you for a long time, how choosey would you be? That’s what I mean about your floors.

If you are going to invest in it. It needs to serve you well!

You should be able to enjoy your life and live on your floors. Do not be a slave to them. Let them serve you. You have enough things to do without being burdened by a floor that needs your constant attention to stay looking good. Maintaining your new floors should be simple.

Investing in a floor that fits your home and lifestyle is paramount.

New technology and continual advancement in the flooring industry now allows consumers to introduce flooring solutions that are not only beautiful, but durable enough to withstand the traffic of a busy household.

Does your home have pets?

Fur-babies hold a special place in our hearts, and are members of the family, but we must take them into consideration when making a flooring choice. Puppies who haven’t quite made it to the potty trained stage yet, or older dogs that are having some incontinence issues make waterproof flooring a great choice!

When berber is a No No!

Our feline friends are fantastic but they can make quick work of your new berber carpet if they see it as a scratching post. This is because if you pull one little loop in berber, you stand the chance of it running  all the way across your room. A Plush, or frieze would be a better fit because it has no loop they can snag.

Wood You? Or Wood You Not?

If you have large dogs they can scratch a wood floor very easily if their nails are not trimmed. This does not make wood a bad choice, just add an area rug or some runners in your heavily trafficked areas, and don’t forget the quick trip to the groomer to trim Fido’s nails. Dog hair is no match for wood floors either. Let your furry friend shed all they want. Just grab your handy Swiffer, and it cleans right up. This is great for allergy sufferers. Pet dander is gone fast!

With so many advancements in the industry, the flooring options are endless for savvy homeowners.  Before you meet with your flooring professional, jot down some concerns that you have about your home, and make sure you express these concerns, so they can help you by making the right recommendation for your home.  No one knows your home better than you, so ask questions, learn about your options, make the right decision, and fall in love more with your floors every day because they are the right fit for your home.   Happy interviewing!

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