Does your basement look like a dungeon?

Selecting a floor for your basement can be a little overwhelming. 

You know it needs something because it just looks like a big open space with a lot of nothingness going on.  The walls are drab, it feels dreary.  Like a totally unrelated part of your home.  This space is your home though.  It is a totally useable space, and with a great plan in place, it may actually become a favorite part of your home.  What you once considered a space exiled from the normal life of the house will now become the downstairs extension of the life created upstairs.  It can be fun.  A whole lot of space is not wasted anymore.  So let’s dig in! 

Is That Yellow??? Yikes

The light in a basement is usually very dim, so brightening it up with a more cheerful color is key.  That doesn’t mean you have to rush to the paint store and get “Happy Yellow” though.  You can achieve a brighter more cheerful look with lighter but warmer color tones.  Cool grays, and neutral tones always create a peaceful environment.  The idea is to give your walls a little shot in the arm!  Wash away the drab!

Now we need to get some light into the room! Let’s start by taking down those heavy curtains.  There are so many options available for window treatments. Roman shades, wood blinds, cellular shades.  Even sliding glass doors are not left naked.  There are plenty of great options for them too. There are so many choices. The sky is the limit!  

Bring some life to your walls by introducing key pieces of artwork.  They need to make you feel good.  They can be serene and peaceful, or happy and fun.    Whatever feels special to you. You want your new space to be inviting.  Remember, you are trying to introduce the life upstairs to your beautiful new space downstairs.  


Add some greenery.  Nothings says life like life! These green, and growing members of your home create a space where happiness and life flow from them and near them.  They also help to clean up any dirty air if you get the right species.  Don’t forget to water them though. Your happy little green friends will quickly turn brown if not cared for and watered.


Beautiful and peaceful pillows and throws can add a personal touch of color while not overpowering the room.  A large area rug brings warmth and coziness.  An area rug can also help to create a separate space or seating area.  This is a great idea for larger rooms like basements.


A beautiful and comfy chair in a corner with a small table and a simple lamp creates a space where you can read and relax.  Have an air diffuser nearby with essential oils misting in the air.  Aromatherapy is a fantastic way to set a mood for any room.  Essential oils are amazing, they can help to relax you, or focus you, or brighten your mood.  These are just a few of the benefits. 

If you like the sound of water, a water fall in a corner creates a tranquil environment, eases tense moods, and settles you from the day. 

Now that we are so relaxed from the waterfall and aromatherapy, we can focus on what kind of floor is best for our new space.


Flooring is very important.  There are so many different options to consider, but what is the best one?  Let me give you a few of the advantages of each, but I will tell you, Luxury Vinyl Plank is quickly becoming a big favorite for wet areas and basements. Since it is so popular, let’s start there.

Waterproof Flooring Tidewater CBP71253 Longbow

Luxury Vinyl Plank is a fantastic flooring solution for basements.  It is water proof.  Yes. I said water proof, not water resistant.  This is a major plus since basement areas have a tendency to have moisture issues.   You can take confidence knowing even if you ever did have a flood it will not hurt your vinyl plank!  LVP can be floated or glued down. The most popular installation method is floating, and this makes installation go very quickly.


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