Choosing the right carpet!

With so many choices of carpet in the market today to choose from, how does a consumer make the right choice for their home? This can be a fairly daunting task for someone if they just walk into any flooring store today and look around.


They will see all sorts of carpet. Some soft, some hard, some looped, some with flecks, some solid, some ugly, and some that looks like you could just sink into it. The big question is, how do you keep from being overwhelmed? How do you know what will hold up in your home? I love that light carpet. but it will took horrible after Uncle Ernie comes to visit in June and brings his 3 children, two dogs. pet turtle, and we must not forget his stinky cigars. Yuck!!!  So what do you choose?  With that in mind, I  guess my best choice would be black, or maybe dark brown. The color that it will be after they leave! But I don’t like brown or black.  I love the green.  It will go great with the throw cushions on the couch, and it feels so soft.  I really like this one. Wait a minute, how much will it cost? Oh my gosh! OUCH! Is that for the whole house, or just one room? I want new carpet,  I didn’t  want a second mortgage on my house, or not send the kids to college to get it!


Forget it, the carpet I have down looks fine. it has only been down for 20 years! This may be a bit exaggerated, but even to an educated consumer, picking out floor covering can be overwhelming. So, I have put together a few suggestions Get out your paper and pen, and jot this down.   0k, here goes. Ask these questions, then answer them.  Let’s get started by finding out a tittle about your home. To get the right carpet for your home, you need to DETERMINE THE LEVEL OF TRAFFIC in your home.


If you have 3 dogs, 2 cats, an angry parrot that chases the dog, and the cat, 2 kids, a husband that never wipes his feet, and let’s not forget Uncle Ernie, then you  do not need the same carpet that a retiree with no children in the house would need. Okay, now what about the TYPE OF CARPET.   DO YOU HAVE PETS? IF SO, WHAT KIND AND HOW MANY? ARE THEY POTTY TRAINED? Do you have kitty cats with claws? Seems like an odd question, but if you install new Berber in your home and your kitty cat uses it as a scratching post, it will run the room, and no doubt make you very unhappy with your feline friend! What about shag Maaan!!!! It looks groovy! Cool, just teasing, bad joke. Yes, shag is truly back! Not the old shag though. Remember the one in your grandma’s house that was there a hundred years.  She swore it never needed to be changed because that beautiful shade of puke green hid everything it come in contact with. The shag look now days is actually very attractive. It would not be considered the best choice for someone who has small children, who have toys, who have small rubber wheels that come off, and cannot ever be found in the carpet again, until one day the brand new vacuum that your husband just bought you for Valentine’s Day sucks it up. Then the vacuum  begins to start smoking! Guess you will have to wait till your birthday for a new vacuum now.  Whew!!! That was exhausting! Seriously, it would be a great choice for some homes, but this list will help you determine the best flooring solution for yours.


Okay, moving on. WHERE WILL THE CARPET BE GOING? Living room,  dining room, bedroom, guest bedroom, or hallway? Where your carpet is going in a home is very important because if you are putting carpet in a guest bedroom that you only use once a year, there will be no need for you to get the carpet that has every bell and whistle known to man. Save your money! Spend it in your living room where you will have high traffic. A hallway will always be a place where you will have excessive traffic. Take this into consideration when making your carpet choice.  Another question is HOW DO YOU WANT THE CARPET TO FEEL? If you are going to put carpet in your living room, and you and the family will be laying on it watching T.V., then in may be a priority for you to get a softer carpet.    If you have aging parents that you take care of in your home, you will want more of a dense, or firm carpet so that they will have sure footing when walking. STAIN PROTECTION AND WARRANTY.  What about stains? I have a stain in my carpet in front of my husband’s chair where he dropped a whole plate of buffalo wings when his team scored the winning touchdown. Big win for them, but I still remember the game every time I see that stain. Is there a carpet that will not stain? As you know, with everything as the warranty and quality goes up, so does the price. I guess that old saying is true, “You get what you pay for.” Which leads us to the next consideration.


BUDGET.  Yes, that dreaded word that we all try to forget about after we have our hearts set on what we really want.   So go into this with a budget in mind, and express the budget to your flooring professional.  This will help them guide you in the right direction. These questions are by no means a complete list of everything that you will encounter when buying carpet, but they will be helpful in educating your flooring professional about your home, where they can make an informed  recommendation. Don’t get overwhelmed. Arm yourself with enough information about your home to make choosing a flooring solution into a no brainer.   Don’t be sticker shocked!  Be realistic with your budget! Also, make sure you take some samples home with you. Check them out in your own home, with your lighting, and your paint colors. What looks good in the store may not look good in your house!


Well, it sounds like a lot to think about, but I hope this makes your floor covering purchase easier. If I can help answer any questions for you regarding your next floor covering purchase do not hesitate to email me.



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